Not everyone is a knitter!

Hehe, today I read a very lovely entry of a blogger which I followed long time ago. She said that not everyone in this world is a knitter (or a crocheter as well). And of course not everyone who is reading my blog is a knitter (or a craft maker) either.
That's why if you are asking what I'm knitting or crocheting, you might be a little bit confused because the term that I will give you maybe not so familiar with you.
For example, my favorite things that I used to crochet a lot are amigurumis (you can easily see it at the address of my blog) but not many of you know that for sure. Hehe, I love the way that blogger wrote, and I appreciate her works so much.
Sometimes I'm pretty proud of myself, that I can work, I can go to school, I can do some handmade stuffs... My husband also sometime gets crazy with my hobbies, with the messy things around him at home but in the end he still lets me do whatever I want love
That's it, not everyone is a knitter but if you really want to be a knitter, you can definitely do it.
Good luck, my dear!

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