9 things I love about you :D

Well, to tell you the truth, I haven't tell you - my beloved husband - how much I love you.
Today is not our special day but I want to make it, at least more special because I'm telling you that there are so many things that I do love about you. And the below list is just what first come to my mind.

1. You are handsome. -- I'm a little bit proud of this thing.
2. You can cook. -- I really love your meal though it's not that good.
3. You let me free with my hobbies -- Though I usually put you in an extremely big mess at home, you do not complain much of it so often.
4. You can do the laundry and the cleaning. -- Though I know you are so busy with your job, you still help me doing household things.
5. You are my driver. -- The one and the only driver I love love
6. You love babies. -- I'm quite sure that you will take good care of our children, even better than me.
7. You support me in my job. -- You always give me advices when I'm deep in troubles.
8. You treasure me -- as much as I treasure you. I know how lucky I am now :p
9. You are my husband -- You make my every wish come true :D

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