I'm crocheting a cardigan :D

Haiz, what a fool I am! I even don't know what I am crocheting.
The thing is, I'm crocheting a cardigan, but I don't know what it's called.
At first, I tried to look it up in a Vnese-Eng dict, and of course no result matched my word. Then I opened Google and search for which I want to have a name. Hehe, unfortunately, Google seems not to understand me well. He suggests some and I took one to look up in Oxford dict. What a long journey to find just a simple word ketukmeje
There's a little bit different between a "Cardigan" and a "Sweater" (though in Oxford dict, they are all knitted, not crocheted sembah). And now I can call that thing I'm making is a cardigan.
I'm lazy enough just to crochet a small cardigan, not to knit one (I cannot imagine how long it will take me if I dare to knit) The reason that I crochet this one is because I rarely crochet clothes for me. But the idea came to my mind when I was on the way to school yesterday. I saw at least 5 women wearing their really nice crocheted cardigans. I wondered how I will look in my handmade one? Hehe, that's the biggest reason and I want to make it real.
I'm crocheting a cardigan angkatkeningayam

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Bạn ơi, cardigan là aó len mỏng có 1 dàn nút, thường cardigan đi chung với aó lót mỏng bên trong cùng màu. Còn sweater là aó len nói chung.

Dạ, chính vì thế nên em đang móc 1 cái Cardigan đó chị. Cảm ơn chị ghé thăm blog của em :p

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