Seashore earrings -- Free pattern from!

I got this really cute pattern form Crochettoday (There're not too many free patterns sedih) But this one is super cute, huh?
I tried to make 1 for me... and the thing is... it turned out bigger than the expected size... So it can't be used as seashore earrings but hehe, I forced it to become split ring...
Anyway, they're too cute and I love them much.
Wanna have 1?

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Yes, it's so cute ^o^

It's so stupid, I just see your comment in my blog today :"> Pls advise which shawl you like, I will send link to you

Thanks for visiting my blog! I love all your works and of course I admire you a lot...
Crochet, knit... Haiz!

Ui, my fingerless gloves are not based on any full chart >"<

I think you can design by yourself, it's quite simple, not difficult at all.

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