VS Team Suite - Automation Testing!

I didn't mean to put any techniques or any experiences about such a kind of test tool like this. I post this entry not to spin a long yarn but I myself do need some great encouragements to overcome this difficult task.

For one thing, I couldn't force me to get much more familiar with coding when I was a student. Reading code is the hardest thing that I had to do at that time. But I had no choice then angkatkening Up to now, I am still wondering that how I could graduate that major with such a high grade setan Maybe that's the reason why I'm now a QC not a software developer as many others are.

So I hate coding or any thing relates to code (except reading source code sometimes). I prefer manual test to automation test because I know deep down inside I'm not good at it or I am probably afraid of making mistakes... haiz, I don't know either. But now, it's a task for me to do this week. I have to get to know it soon.

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