Happy weekend!

Well, I had a really happy weekend last week.
Last Friday night, after taking mid-term test of Reading/Writing subject, my hubby drove me to Lien's room (Lien is my close friend). I would stay there overnight because she wanted me to go with her on the day she's gonna take her wedding photos. (Geez, I don't know how to express this one in English! Stupid me huhketukmeje)
Lien currently lives at Dinh Bo Linh street - one way street. It was a bit late when I arrived at her room and I couldn't find anything to eat on that road nangih Just ate some biscuits, had a shower and then went to bed. We had a long chat as we usually did since we're little high school girls. I told her to go to bed early to protect her skin healthy to be the most beautiful bride on her important day. But actually we talked and talked til midnight gile
Waking up so early in the next morning, I was very tired and lazy as well. We headed DemiDuy bridal studio as planned. Lien spent a lot of money on this course but I think that it's not worth to do so. DemiDuy studio is not as professional as I thought. The service there is terrible too. I was a bit annoyed but anyway it's Lien's day and I didn't want to mess it up.
We had a beautiful day with sunshine and the weather was just perfectly to take picture out-door. Lien was so beautiful in her wedding dress (haiz haiz haiz, I was envious of her alsotakbole)
Hehe, the beautifier (the second one I couldn't find any suitable word) told me that I looked like a real photographer, maybe because I took as many pictures as I could from other sides different from the photographer did.
Well, I had a great shot full of nice pictures. Hope that Lien will lead a happy life together with her beloved husband. Happy wedding my dear friend!celebrate

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