Knitted by me!

Haiz, I have a small problem in my company in this early morning. I cannot turn on the light... And there are also 30 mins til the center air conditioning starts to work. It means I'm in the dark, hot and online bising
Nobody goes to work as early as I do every Monday morning. Hehe, I myself have some time to do whatever I want of course (except continue sleeping because I cannot sleep in such a hot place huhu)
About my last weekend, I made some things I wanna show now.
First, I'm getting addicted to knitting amigurumi (in Japanese's term, Amigurumi is the Japanese art of crocheting/knitting small animals or toys) as I used to crochet amigurumi a lot. I'm also practicing circular knitting. That's why knitting amigurumi will be a good challenge for me.
I was totally in love at first sight with this adorable elephant (I tell you about it first or else you will think about any others, hic hic, I'm so scared of my skills doa ) Well it took me the whole Saturday afternoon to finish knitting the body of her (she's female I thoughtgigitjari) I gathered every part of her and sewed them together. Hehe, finally here she is. The red elephant I have ever had setan

Hehe, another tiny thing that I knitted yesterday is a Locorocos. Omg, I have no idea about its image and the pattern even doesn't include one. I was blind-knitting then hehe. But it turned out cute and I gave it to my sister as well.
I added the smiling eyes to make it more lively. There it goes, little Locorocos!

The last one, I took the photo of the elephant together with little Locorocos love

A note from me:
1. Started reading The Twilight Saga (Vietnamese version of course)
2. Crocheting a scarf.
3. ...

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