Interesting baby cable cap!

I found this interesting cap yesterday. Hehe, at first sight, I thought it was just a normal baby cap and I also thought that it would be easy to knit and helped me to improve my knitting skill. But it turned out very interesting. It is because this cap is knitted in a different way from the others. The last couple of days I was knitting things and I was addicted to garter stitches (how lovely they are!) If you're an expert in knitting, maybe this is what you knew already. But as a beginner like me, I'm trying to learn from very tiny things...
Currently I have many incomplete projects both in knitting and crochet. I'm a little bit greedy huh?
But I will sure knit another bigger hat based on this pattern. Hehe! Try try try, and try gigitjari

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Em oi, co the share pattern duoc ko?

Hehe, vâng ạ, em tìm thấy mẫu này ở đây nhé.

Happy knitting!

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