Stress at work!

Actually I'm working in a normal company. I mean my job doesn't give me much pressure. But recently I feel bother so much. Haiz, it doesn't mean that I'm under high pressure or something like that. It just simply means I'm not comfortable right now and then.
Or I can say that "someone's watching over me". Haiz, haiz, haiz. I'm sitting in front of a camera but I really don't care as much as being stared at my computer screen like this.
I rarely turn around or care much about what people are doing in my surrounding. But sometimes I catch the eyes which are staring at my computer screen. I hate that the most.
How to cope with this problem? Hehe, I listened to many advices from the Internet, from my teachers, my friends... But up to now, I have no choice...
I'm going to make my decision gigitjari

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