New knitted baby cap!

I found this free pattern in Ravelry. It's not only cute but also easy to knit (especially for a begginer like me to practice circular knitting)
I used VT yarn (the most popular yarn I can easily find at home xpasti) and a set of 5 dpns (double-point needles 3.75mm). Well it took me about 2 nights to finish it (around 4hrs)
Luckily, it's well-done for my little niece.
If anyone of you wanna learn about circular knitting or so, you can visit these website: And there it goes, tons of patterns, tips and instructions.

I also managed to knit a fingerless glove last Sunday. Haiz, at the end, I realized that I used the large hook. Maybe that's why it's so loose... My husband laughed at it! banyakckp But anyway, I'm just practicing knitting, so I don't expect too much from anything gatai

Xmas is coming around. I can still recall my winters at home when I was a little girl. HCMC these days is a bit cold in the early morning. And I'm knitting, crocheting things to wear in this winter.
Happy crocheting and knitting!

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