HvN Toastmaster!

I didn't mean to join HvN Toastmaster (a kind of English club in Harvey Nash Company) but I did attend last week meeting. I did that as a favor for sis Ha Nguyen since she's busy that day. But it turned out very interesting and I had a great time then.
Okay, I made up my mind and decided to go to the next meeting next month.
Toastmaster's members are so good at English. I will definitely learn a lot from them.
Last Saturday, I wore my new dress and went to the meeting. It's about 9AM but not many people were there. I had my breakfast, talked to some colleagues. Some people came, but we had to wait for some more to start the meeting. I challenged a stranger (a boy of course) to a football table game. I just wanted to have fun in that free time. Hehe, thanks God, he's not that good to defeat me (I was so proud of myself). Then another boy came and we had another game - ping pong game. Both of us are new to Ping pong, so we did try our best to learn how to play :D
When the time came, the meeting started. There were about 20 HvN members. I was quite eager in the meeting because I was the newcomer (I didn't go to the first meeting last month).
We have 3 speakers in a Toastmaster meeting, and there it comes 3 evaluators. We also have 1 joker (I took this role last week) and 1 inspirer. There are some mini games and many other activities, which are related to English.
When I stood in front of Toastmaster's members, I thought that I must have got nervous easily. But actually, I was a bit brave then. Since they're all my colleagues, I felt so easily and I could open my mouth freely to talk. The terrible thing was maybe the story I chose had been told already. But they did encourage me a lot so that I could even smile after telling my boring joke (huhu)
We had some games then. 1 puzzle game about Christmas and 1 "Who is that?" game. Our team lost the first game because we didn't know what Santa's vehicle, the animals who held to pull Santa's vehicle and the thing which is used to hang on the wall or door are. But fair enough, we didn't lose the second game. Hehe, it's also a luck of us to guess immediately who is the famous person that team is thinking about.
Toastmaster's 2nd meeting was successful. I felt very happy and I'm waiting for the next coming meeting.

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I have never joined any English course except my English class when I was in University :">

So,...... really envy naa :">

Wait for your interesting experience next time ^^

Hey Q! I think your English is good enough though. I didn't join any English course since I was in University. But now I'm student again... Hehe, it's just a way to learn English! You shouldn't feel that envious of me because I'm very lazy indeed hehe!

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