I'm gonna email Santa!

Christmas is coming around and I'm so eager to have a warm and happy Xmas with my hubby. Last night I told him I wish I still were a little girl. Maybe he laughed at me but I really didn't care much.
I'm gonna email Santa, hehe. I know that he's not a real person but I don't know why I am always looking for him every Xmas. My hubby of course is not that romantic. And I even didn't tell him what I really want for Xmas.

Dear my beloved Santa,

I'm writing to you because today is almost Xmas day. I had a great year with many significant and important events. I started my new married life and everything seems to be alright then. I really love my family a lot. I'm so proud of them as well. So Santa Claus, if you have free time, just a little time, please visit my family and bring my kids presents. :D I will definitely appreciate it much.
I'm a bit lazy this time so I didn't make anything for this Xmas season. I also have so many incomplete projects at home (What a shame :">)
So Santa Claus, could you please give me some inspiration next year? New hope, new inspiration and new creative things...
Finally, I wish everyone a warm Xmas and a happy new year!...

With love,

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