I'm full!

I'm full, totally full today... Eat a big lunch, a big bag of sugar-cane, 2 guavas... (Where is Ms Hương? i will eat your part too.... if you're not here hehee)

--> I'm full !!!! I watched "Tokyo Juliet" film, and didn't take a nap everyday, so around 1h30PM, I feel drowsy!

Yesterday, I stayed up late to finish my bolero... Hehe, now I can wear it, so lovely!!!

The weather looks fine today.... Hope that it won't rain in the evening, cause we have a date tonight... Go out somewhere, eat something...

This morning, I didn't chat with anybody, just working... Now, back to work!!!

(When I heard this sentence, my eyes has shut up)

But, job job job!

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