Christmas is coming soon!

Christmas is coming soon! I know it, just about 5 weeks later.
Here in Vietnam, we don't really have X'mas time around us. Maybe that's the reason why I don't have any special thoughts or feelings about it. Yet I can't deny the truth that it is still coming, for real...
When it comes to X'mas, what will be the first thing comes to my mind? celebratePresents, gifts or any kinds of that ??? sengihnampakgigi Or I'm so busy that I even don't have time to do anything for X'mas. I don't know either.
Well, I might be not that romantic, of course I knew that I'm definitely lazy thinking of what to do, when to do or how to do (in the meantime hehe). But I do need a lot of gifts for my beloved friends in X'mas! Haiz, quite impossible for me this time, huh?!!!
I have to force me to practice writing since I'm always afraid of it. I'm afraid of having no idea in my blank mind. I'm also afraid of lacking vocabularies when an idea springs to mind and I couldn't express it gigil Oh man, it's so annoying!
Anyway, I stopped importing Blogger to Facebook hehe, that means from now on I have a small place to post things about me, my hobbies and my everything...

For this coming Christmas, I found a very lovely X'mas tree. It's not a free pattern but kind of easy huh? Wanna try it?

I will try to crochet one this week and if possible, I will share my own pattern with you all doa
Merry X'mas peace

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