For those who may concern :D

Today when I went around some interesting blogs, I could feel that Christmas is really really near.
They all talked about their plans for X'mas. And so do I. peluk
There are many cute crochet accessories patterns for Christmas such as the X'mas tree, snowman, some decorating stuffs... Of course if they are cute and a bit complex, they are not for free. But I strongly believe that many of you can do it well. So, hold on your hooks, let's crochet!

This is what I want to share with you.
Miniature X'mas crochet. I don't have time to think about them but I'm totally of that blogger's mind. Her patterns are so adorable and awesome.

I did try to make the little bell. It's sort of easy and completely thinkable. If you wanna have the pattern, drop me a line here (maybe it's just my own pattern, but I hope it'll help)

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dễ thương quá đi! đúng là Noel tới gần rồi.

de thuong qua! ban co the cho minh pattern duoc ko? thanks rat nhiu lun ^^

Hi! I Would love to receive the pattern if possible! Please contact me!:-)

Chị ơi, chị có thể share em pattern được không ạ

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