Active reading!

How to have an effective reading? That is always one of my big questions.
Hehe, I'm not good at reading. I know that! Because of my laziness, because of lacking of vocabularies and because of many other no name reasons, I haven't built up such an active reading yet!
From a book I am reading now, it's quite interesting and easy to work on an active reading. Hehe, all you need now is just to accomplish these three major tasks:

1. Finding the purpose: This involves figuring out why the author wrote the piece.

2. Understanding the structure: Mapping the passage to find out where the key information is.

3. Finding the main idea: Stating what the passage is about.

By mastering the skill of active reading, you will be able to not only find the most important information in a passage but also answer the questions that follow.
Well, best of luck! Happy reading :D

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