New age music.

Hic, I have to force myself to speak English everyday though I'm still "lazy like a bee"!
This morning I have viewed another blogspot which is called "Lace, crochet and more". She writes her blog in 2 different languages, what's an amazing. I don't dare to be like that. Because my blog is just visited by my friends, I mean Vietnamese friends. So why do I write in English or in other language? gelakguling (I of course do not know any other language but a bit English)
My friends from other countries asked me to do so. But I love Vnese --> acceptable reason. Hehe, and I continue writing this blog in Vnese, sometimes in English, just for fun.

I find it's very difficult to express my thoughts, my feeling in English. Maybe because it's not my native language. But I don't hate it either. Perhaps I'm not good at English so I have many troubles in both speaking and writing....

I write this entry under "New age music", just because I find it's very interesting to listen at this time. Hehe. And Secret Garden is a good choice.
Another song from Secret Garden (I know that I'm out of date about music, every old song is new to me)

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