Felt, knit and crochet!

I suddenly remember about my very first time with crochet.
That was the summer after my first year at university. I joined "The Green Summer" with my friends. We lived in a small house. There, a girl can crochet very well. I admire her a lot. Hihi, I just didn't know why people can do many cute things with a small crochet hook and a ball of wool. I of course would like to crochet. My friend taught me how to crochet but the thing is I couldn't handle the crochet hook and even the yarn penat ...
She told me that I almost had no talent in crochet. I felt a bit upset and quit crocheting.

But 3 months after that summer, my roommate taught me to crochet again. She's good at crochet too, very good. She taught me and the other roommate 3 simple crochet stitches. I can remember they're chain, single crochet and double crochet. Full-stop.
Then we have to manage to build our own craft. She hid all the patterns, all information... I don't know why I didn't find crochet patterns via internet (But I do very well these days, after I joined HTT of course)

The important thing is I love crochet. Right after a luckily search, I found HTT - the first online forum I've ever joined. Everything I need is here... Especially thank to a really useful topic "Learn to crochet online", I can crochet myself many "Amigurumis" as I'd love to have.

Now crochet becomes a part of my normal day. And I start to learn how to knit! Hihi, so many things to learn. But felt, knit and crochet, they are all my hobbies...
My husband doesn't want me to crochet or knit or anything else because I love them more than love him takbole and force me to stop crocheting. Hehe, and he's failed.setan

Currently I do many crochet and knitting projects at the same time, many incomplete crafts... Hihi, I just wish I had more than 24 hours a day to do everything siul
Felt, felt, ... I'm into you!

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