Mario Plushie

Hehe, I was so lazy (as usual) to update things in my blog, I mean here.
This month, things are getting crazy. I have too many things to take care of. My job, my study, my hubby, my house (in near future) and my everything...
Anyway, I have been crocheting and knitting along, all the time I have :)
I also made new friends, great crocheters all over the world. We use a common language which is so-called ami words sengihnampakgigi
Well, just wanna show off my Mario Plushie.
I have read an entry in Wolf Dream Off the Hook blog, which belongs to a great and generous author, where you can easily find all free pokemon and game character crochet patterns.
I have made many Plushies, Pokemons thanks to her kindness. I do appreciate that much.
And here is my Mario Plushie I made from her great pattern: