My very first time to join the Fabulove GiveAway!

Well, I was attracted by the yarn and the amigurumi books in the Fabulove Giveaway. I can't help submitting as a member of this chance. Wish me luck, okay?

Hehe, as long as I'm a crocheter, especially I'm totally in love with Amigurumi, this Giveaway is so great for me :D

Here is the information of it:

Ms Daisy blog link:
For crocheters: Please join with us and have fun. Good luck my dear friends!

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Wish you luck! I got freebie once by my husband's name from PINN (thailand) website . :D

Oh yeah, thanks so much for your kindness, sis BBR. I was the 2nd lucky crocheter to get the 2nd prize :p

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