Not everyone is a strong person.

It's such a long time since I last posted things in my blog in English. How lazy I was!
And I don't know why today I want to write something, to note something for me, and only me.
Reading some articles about excellent students who pass the university entrance test reminds me of my student life. And I am so proud of me for being such a strong person to go through that hard and important time in my lifetime.
Not everyone is a strong person. I know it's hard and tough for being so and I of course had no choice but stood in that shoes.
Sometimes when I rest in my bed thinking of my everything, I still cannot imagine how I could go through that period full of joys, successes and happiness. Perhaps I was lucky enough to have many good things, good people around.
Thanks so much for being parts of my life, for encouraging me, for helping me to be a strong me today.
I know life is fair and we reap what we sow. That's why I usually don't think that much and don't expect too much. Just wanna lead a normal and happy life forever after.
Of course not everyone is a strong person but I strongly believe that everyone can be a strong person if he/she wants to be so bad! Keep moving forward!!!

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