Just some thoughts!

I haven't written any entries these days. It's not because I'm busy but the truth is I'm lazy (as I always say, I'm lazy like a bee --> Lazy_bee)
Oh ho, how can I remember how lazy I am...
On Friday night, I went out for a drink with my colleagues. Such a nice party. We had a good time then. After dinner, we headed to Karaoke. Ah ha, I can hear many beautiful voices from QC girls in HvN (only QC Manager is the worst garupaleOf course, I have no idea cause he's not a girl but a guy setan )
The most terrible thing was my fault... I went home too late than usual... Hehe, my husband was mad at me... But it's ok. jelir
We had a very busy weekend to get my sister and brother to my room, plan for sunday... rest, eat, and sleep as well. And that's it.

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