Key holder - A present for my friend's birthday.

Hehe, my friend was really inspired by my craft projects (well, I'm always among projects as usual :))) and she wanted to make a key holder herself.
The pattern she chose is cat key holder which doesn't catch my attention at first look. Since she doesn't have enough materials, tools, skills and her birthday was just around the corner, I quickly decided to make her one.
It was 7AM yesterday and I just woke up. The notification from FB and skype informed that it's her birthday. Hehe, I would immediately think of any crafty things to give her. And you know I was in my room, what first came to my sight was my fabric, my yarn :))
Frankly speaking, I have never made a key holder before. But it's really quick and fun to make one.
Cut the fabric, put on some sewing lines and here it goes, a perfect gift ♥
Hehe, I will post the pictures as soon as she sends them to me. I love sewinggggggggggggg!

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