What makes me want to write something in my blog simply is a note (in English) from an old colleague.
Well, it's been such a long time since I last wrote things in En as well as in my blogspot. It's not that I'm lazy but the thing is I'm too lazy to be the open-minded one as I used to be. It's good, or not - I wonder.
For the past 2011 year, many significant events came to me. Of course I was so delighted at having them all. If I was asked for the lost in my last year, I would say "nothing"... Ohhhhhhh, does that also mean I gained too much in just about 1 year? I don't know either...
For my little family:
I have already had a lovely baby who is always by my side from now on. She will together with my beloved hubby be my partners in the next stage of my life. I treasure it much. Thanks for being the parts of my life. I hope that all the best things will come to our little family and we will always be happy together. :x

For my studying:
After 1 year delayed for the greatest delivery in my life, back to school on time and in time is one of the most difficult decision that I have ever made during this busiest time. I got a no good start for a brand new class with no good teacher to be trust and rely on simply because I'm not a good student anymore. Studying now has no longer been my most important thing since a little angel has come to me. But the thing is I'm trying my best just to gain something in the last 2 periods left. Fighting for the upcoming period and I'll be free soon.

For my job:
No achievement is achieved. I'm just a normal worker in a vicious cirle of my working life. Sometimes I do want to make a break, to start something new but hesitate and keep going the same old way is what I faced my job. For the newly come 2012, what should I do to get out of that routine? I'm always deep in the questions for that but it seems no new answers are made up til now. Keep going, keep working and keep hoping :|