My happy frog.

For Sue, my dearest friend in Malay!

When I first searched for free patterns of any kinds of frogs, I found your free pattern. The frogs you made are so cute. I even love the decoration, their clothes and everything that goes together with them.

After having that pattern, I do not hesitate to make one for my colleague. She turned out as cute as she's supposed to be. I love your pattern Sue. Thanks so much for your kindness. It's so easy to follow and I hope that you will keep doing a great job.

When I first made this frog, I didn't mean to join any Give-away. Just because I love that frog, and I made it :)
Hehe, but now the time comes, I of course am very eager to join your Giveaway this time.

This is the frog I first made:

Here are my frog and my friend's frog:

Happy crocheting!