HvN Year End party 2009!

Yesterday my company held a Year End party at Hoa Su Do restaurant. Hehe, it's such an unforgettable party since we have many good news there senyumkenyit
I went to the party quite soon because I drove my colleague there (she took a role in the drama). Well, I took a lot of pics of drama club (how I love that funny drama love)
HvN has a great year 2009. Hehe, and of course, new year together with new challenges is waiting for us.
Time for show off :D

At 3:30 PM yesterday, whole HvN company gathered at ground floor of Etown2 to take company's picture. Since yesterday is our year end party day, we all wore company T-shirts and these HvN girls looked so nice in this pic cium (Where was I in the pic???)

Well, we were concentrating on taking company's pics and we didn't take many pics there. But after that hehe, there were so many group took their photos. This is me and a fellow. I love his name, what a beautiful name menari He graduated from SPKT too.

Girls always love being pictured. I'm not the exception of course. Hien sis and I took another pic together at the stairway of E2. (Hix, she's much taller than me :(( ) Thanks ss Hien for your kindness and your pro camera peace

At 4:30 PM, we departed to HSD restaurant. Here are HvN PGs! How are they? All IT girls are wearing glasses in this pic! What a coincidence! rindu

Here comes Jake! I told him that he looked so much like Jake (in the Twilight Saga - the movie) My little brother in my company :D

I'm singing, I'm singing!

We posed everywhere, with happy smiles :D

A lot of pics but I do love this much.

I will keep moving forward and keep hoping in this 2010!

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